Hosting a concert, showcase or live music event requires careful planning to be done right. Fortunately, you do not have to figure out everything on your own. At Horton Events, we offer event planning and venues for a variety of live events in Nashville, including concerts, writer’s nights, showcases and other types of live performance. It’s our goal to make things go off without a hitch!

Putting on a Concert, Private Music Event of Live Performance

Our event planning team has plenty of experience with planning live events in Music City, which means we know the mistakes that are often made by the inexperienced. We’ve been through them all, so we want to do our best to share what we know about how to get the outcome you are hoping for.

Some of the tips we tell our clients include:

1. Try to get a clear idea of what kind of crowd you are going to have.

We know that reliably attracting crowds is easier said than done, but it’s still worthwhile to try and get an idea of how many people will be coming. Some of our event venues are smaller and more intimate, while others are spacious and expansive. If you think you will have 30 guests, you probably don’t want to reserve too large of a space. If you think there will be hundreds, then bigger would be better.

2. Know what the musicians will need.

Experienced musicians should be able to tell you what kind of basic needs they will have for a performance—like electricity, space, etc. You definitely don’t want them to get to the venue and start setting up only to discover they don’t have what they need to perform. One key to planning a concert is to know what they may need even if they don’t ask for it. Musicians playing an outdoor venue will need shelter, for example. Whether it’s shade from the blaring sun or cover from potential rain, as the event planner you have to account for needs both spoken and unspoken.

3. Make sure the musicians can get their gear to the performance location.

Some venues are way easier to access than others. While it may seem amazing to put on a show at the top of a tower or in a remote field, you have to remember that the musical gear may be difficult to transport without reasonable accommodations. The drummer doesn’t want to carry his or her entire kit up six flights of stairs, for example. Find out what gear they will be bringing and determine how you are going to get it to the performance space.

4. Get the space reserved as soon as possible.

Music City is a hub for concerts and live events. The concentration of performances here means that desirable event spaces tend to get snatched up quickly, especially around popular times like the holidays. As soon as you have a date that you want, find the event venue that looks appropriate and reserve it. Waiting until later will often lead to slim pickings for event venues, which won’t make your performers or your audience happy.

5. Take a tour of the facility.

At Horton Events, we always encourage potential clients to come and take a tour of our different venues. Seeing is believing, and there is nothing more useful when planning an event than getting a chance to look a venue over before you commit. Your in-person experience will give you a much better idea of what the event space is like rather than talking on the phone or looking at pictures. We like to show you around because we are proud of our spaces, and because we know that if one doesn’t work for your needs, another one of our spaces probably will.

6. Try to stick to local event companies.

A local event company like ours has people on the ground that can facilitate your event here and now. There is no need to go through a series of providers, contractors, and subcontractors to get help when you need it. Instead, you can opt for a local company that is standing by to assist you. It’s also great to meet your event team in person before you start so you have an idea of who you are dealing with.

Live Performance Spaces—Indoor and Outdoor

We are your source for live performance spaces in Nashville, both indoor and outdoor. Just give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you reserve your space for a special music event!

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