Are there any In-House/Exclusive partnerships?

Horton Events has an exclusive agreement for beverage supply. Our in-house, customizable beverage provider offers planning as an optional add-on service

What are vendor load-in and load-out times?

If you have booked a 24-hour rental, your vendors can load in at 10 AM on the day of your event and can continue to load out until 10 AM the following day. However, if you have booked an hourly rental, your vendors must complete their loading and unloading within the time frame specified in your contract. If you require additional time, please inform your Horton Events contact.

What are the vendor’s insurance requirements?

We require proof of liability insurance, which any licensed vendor will have.

What is the capacity of Horton Events?

Horton Events has a seated capacity of 150 guests, theater seating of 200, and 300 guests for a standing event such as a cocktail party type event.

What is included in my rental vs. extra charges?

When you book Horton Events, you will receive the entire venue, including the covered patio, indoor showroom, prep kitchen, tables, chairs, and a dedicated room just for you. Our additional amenities, such as the photo booth, planning services, and beverage service, are completely optional and available for an extra cost.

How many hours can I have the event space?

We offer flexible rental windows—from hourly to 24-hour to multi-day, depending on your needs. Hourly rentals may not be available on prime weekend days.

What if I book for 24 hours? When can I start prepping?

If you book a 24-hour rental, the venue will be available from 10 AM on the day of your event until 10 AM the following day. This means you will have 24 hours to set up, enjoy your event, and clean up afterward. It’s a great option for those who need extra time to prepare or simply want to take their time enjoying the space.

If you are picking up the following morning, you’ll need to coordinate with the venue manager in advance to ensure that we have someone on site to let you into the building.

Is there a curfew for 24-hour rental?

There is no curfew. You can party as long as you want, but we do have to stop serving and consuming alcohol according to local regulations.

Can my vendors and I return in the morning to get our belongings?

If you rent for 24 hours, then yes, you can return the next morning before 10 a.m. We recommend designating someone to take gifts and personal items home the night of the event.

If you are picking up the following morning, you’ll need to coordinate with the venue manager in advance to ensure that we have someone on site to let you into the building.

Who will be there the day of my event?

A Client team member will be with you from booking to event day, ensuring a perfect venue function. The Event Manager arrives once the alcohol starts flowing.

We highly recommend utilizing our planning services. Although there is an additional fee, it is certainly worth it. Our planners will not only ensure that your event goes perfectly, but they will also give you your life back. They will stay with you throughout the evening and take care of everything from your setup and flip to vendor logistics. You can trust us to pull off your event without a hitch.

Where do my guest park?

Guest parking can be arranged in advance for a preferential rate.  Elsewise, attendees can park in the paid lots & each pay for their own parking at whatever that day’s rate is.

When can I have my rehearsal for my wedding?

You can rehearse the day before your event; the timing depends on whether we have an event that day. Please contact your event manager for more information.

Who handles set up and tear down?

You and your vendors will be responsible for setting up and removing any items they bring into the venue. Our rental service includes clean-up such as sweeping, mopping and bathroom cleaning. However, any personal belongings or event items must be removed by the end of your rental period. In case you book Horton Event’s planning services, your planner will take care of your personal items and handle all your vendor expectations.

What are the closest hotels?

Since you are in downtown Nashville, hundreds of hotels are around the event space. Within ¼ mile are the Hyatt, the Westin, and the JW Marriott.

Do you offer planning services?

We offer various planning services to meet your planning needs. Learn more about our planning services here.

Who would my planner be?

We have a team of in-house event planners.  Additionally, we have partnerships with specialized event planners in the community to offer a wider array of expertise.

Does Horton Events rental have hidden fees?

We make every effort to maintain transparency with regard to the costs associated with our venue rental fees, as well as fees associated with the amenities and services we offer. In the case of weddings, we do not charge a separate fee for ceremonies. However, please note that any potential additional costs, such as obtaining event insurance, will be outlined in your venue rental agreement.

Do I have to get insurance?

It is the client’s responsibility to purchase their event insurance policy as per industry standards. Vendors are required to provide a copy of their business insurance policy upon being hired for an event. However, if a vendor has been employed by Horton Events before, we may already have a copy of their insurance policy on file.

Event insurance can be obtained a-la-carte via EventHelper.

How will I know what is included in my rental?

Horton Events is the perfect venue to host your event. We offer a range of services, including dedicated client spaces, tables & chairs, cocktail tables, decorative lighting, and more, which are already included in the venue rental fee. You will find all the details of these inclusions in your venue proposal and rental agreement. We also provide a variety of decor, planning, and other venue services that you can choose to add to your event based on your preferences, budget, and requirements. These additional services are optional, and you will only be charged if you opt for them. You can view our range of decor and services on our website through the provided link. We understand that every event is unique and therefore, offer the flexibility to choose only the services you need, without worrying about being charged for anything extra that you may not use or that your vendors may provide.

What fees are associated with beverage services?

If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, our in-house beverage program is mandatory. This program can be tailored to your specific budget and requirements. Special services like dinner wine service, water stations, and specialty cocktails are optional and not mandatory. As per industry standards, the final beverage order will include sales tax, a gratuity for the beverage staff, and an operations fee. These individual charges will be clearly mentioned in your Horton Events beverage proposal.

What fees are associated with planning services?

We provide planning services to all our clients. Each package offers different services and may have additional charges if you wish to include an extra planner, more hours, or meetings with vendors. Our planners will go through the package contract with you and explain the services included. Gratuity is not mandatory, but it is always appreciated for exceptional service.

How do I pay? What fees are associated with payment?

We accept payment for open invoices for venue rental and any additional services by credit card, check, and ACH. If you choose to pay by credit card, there will be a small convenience fee. However, you can avoid this fee by using a check or paying via ACH transfer.

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