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6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

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Your choice of venue for your wedding and reception sets the tone for the entire day. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and you want to remember the day for a lifetime. Your choice of venues will affect how much you and your guests enjoy the event. Thinking through […]

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

Choosing the perfect wedding venue, two ladies discussing in a cafe using a laptop - Horton Events Nashville

There is perhaps no bigger, or a more special day, in your life than your wedding. Of course, the one thing a wedding cannot simply do without is the venue. Though it can certainly be tricky to find your dream venue, it is by no means impossible. Choose The Venue First Those who have gone […]

4 Insider Secrets: How to Have a Budget Wedding at a Premier Venue

Outdoor wedding isle, wedding flower bouquet candle decoration, and an alter. Wedding Venue, Horton Events Nashville

There are few worse disappointments than realizing that your choice of the perfect wedding venue is far from perfect for your bank account. However, if you are a bride on a budget, with a bit of forward planning and tweaking there are still ways for you to have your wedding at a premier location, even […]

7 Summer Wedding Myths that Shouldn’t Cramp Your Style

Wedding arch draped with a creme colored sheer cloth and a floral bouquet. Summer Weddings, Horton Events Nashville

Excited to plan your summer wedding? There are many wonderful things about getting married during the summer months but expect to hear warnings about the problems as you begin wedding planning. Heat, the busy season, and limited attire options are just a few of the issues people may bring up. Although summer can create some […]

Save Money on Your Wedding Without Making It Look Cheap

Outdoor wedding table with wildflowers and ornate candlesticks with white candles. Save Money On Your Wedding - Horton Events Nashville

A wedding is one of life’s most memorable moments. It’s also one of life’s most expensive ones. This is especially true if you’ve been planning it from the moment you became engaged. Personally, there should be no regrets when it comes to a wedding. You should make it everything you have ever dreamed of. Of […]

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Three ladies with cell phones, planners and coffee cups smiling and laughing. Benefits of hiring a wedding planner, Horton Events Nashville

The excitement of planning a wedding is a common feeling for newly engaged couples. Visions of perfectly decorated cakes, bouquets of flowers, and smiling guests all grace the dreams of the bride-to-be. Once the wedding planning gets underway, however, couples often become overwhelmed. Expenses begin to soar and reservations may not go as planned. Wedding […]