Planning Your Perfect Summer Wedding: Debunking Common Myths

May 30, 2024
Wedding arch draped with a creme colored sheer cloth and a floral bouquet. Summer Weddings, Horton Events Nashville
Excited to plan your summer wedding? While summer weddings are beautiful, you might hear warnings about potential issues such as heat, busy seasons, and limited attire options. Don’t let these concerns change your plans. Here are seven common myths about summer weddings and how to overcome them.

Myth 1: Heat Ruins Everything

You may hear tales of melting cakes, wilting flowers, and sweaty guests. While heat is a reality, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Beat the heat with practical solutions: provide fans and cold beverages for guests, and ensure your venue has air conditioning. Opt for fondant over buttercream for your cake, as it holds up better in warm weather. If you prefer buttercream, cut the cake at the beginning of the reception. Consult your florist for heat-resistant flower options.

Myth 2: The Wedding Must Be Outdoors

Summer is ideal for outdoor weddings, but it’s not mandatory. Indoor venues can be perfect for summer weddings, especially in hot weather. Consider a combination: an outdoor cocktail hour with an indoor ceremony and reception. If your wedding is primarily indoors, choose a venue with large windows to enjoy the summer scenery from a cool, comfortable setting.

Myth 3: Everything Is Casual

While bare feet and khaki pants are popular for summer weddings, formal attire is also suitable. You can make your summer wedding as formal or relaxed as you wish. Select breathable fabrics like chiffon and silk to keep everyone comfortable in formal attire.

Myth 4: Summer Colors Are a Must

Choose a palette that matches your vision if bright and colorful isn’t your style. Mixing lighter and darker shades can be a great alternative. For a unique look, combine oranges, purples, and yellows for a floral theme, or opt for subdued colors like icy blue and gray for a cool, refreshing feel.

Myth 5: Wedding Venues Are Too Busy

Summer is a popular time for weddings, but other times of the year can be just as busy. Secure your venue early in planning to ensure you have plenty of options. Booking ahead gives you the best chance of reserving your desired date and location.

Myth 6: Summer Is Hard to Schedule

While summer activities can make scheduling tricky, it’s also a time when people often have more flexible schedules. Guests may find attending your wedding and participating in related events easier. Give your guests plenty of notice to help them plan.

Myth 7: City Weddings Won’t Work

City weddings can be just as charming as those in the countryside or by the beach. Consider urban venues like rooftops or lofts to create an outdoor feel in the city. City settings can offer unique backdrops and convenient amenities for you and your guests.

In Conclusion

A summer wedding offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love with family and friends. Personalize your day to make it special and unique, and don’t let these summer wedding myths deter you from planning your dream wedding.