Hosting a Concert or Live Music Event: Tips from Horton Events

May 29, 2024
Event venue with a close up of a microphone during a live music performance - Horton Events Nashville
Organizing a concert, showcase, or live music event requires meticulous planning to ensure everything goes smoothly. At Horton Events, we specialize in event planning and offer venues for various live events in Nashville, including concerts, writer’s nights, and other live performances. Our goal is to make your event flawless!

Planning a Concert or Live Performance

With extensive experience in planning live events in Music City, our team knows the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Here are some essential tips we share with our clients:

1. Estimate Your Crowd Size

Predicting crowd size can be challenging, but it’s crucial. Some of our venues are smaller and intimate, while others are larger and spacious. If you expect around 30 guests, a smaller venue is suitable. For larger crowds, opt for a bigger space to accommodate everyone comfortably.

2. Understand the Musicians’ Needs

Experienced musicians can outline their basic requirements, such as electricity and space. Ensure they have what they need to perform without any issues. For outdoor venues, consider providing shelter from the sun or rain. Anticipate both spoken and unspoken needs to ensure a smooth performance.

3. Facilitate Gear Transportation

Accessibility of the venue is vital. While unique locations like a tower top or remote field are appealing, consider the practicality of transporting musical gear. Ensure the venue allows easy access to transport instruments and equipment.

4. Reserve the Venue Early

Nashville is bustling with concerts and live events, making desirable venues highly sought after, especially during popular times like holidays. Secure your preferred venue as soon as you have a date to avoid limited options later on.

5. Tour the Venue

We encourage clients to visit our venues in person. An in-person tour provides a better understanding of the space compared to photos or phone conversations. Seeing the venue firsthand ensures it meets your needs and expectations.

6. Opt for Local Event Companies

Choosing a local event company like Horton Events ensures you have a team on the ground ready to assist you. Avoid dealing with multiple providers, contractors, and subcontractors. Meeting your event team in person before starting the planning process helps establish a clear understanding of your needs.


Live Performance Spaces—Indoor and Outdoor

We are your source for live performance spaces in Nashville, both indoor and outdoor. Just give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you reserve your space for a special music event!