There is perhaps no bigger, or a more special day, in your life than your wedding. Of course, the one thing a wedding cannot simply do without is the venue. Though it can certainly be tricky to find your dream venue, it is by no means impossible.

Choose The Venue First

Those who have gone through the euphoria of celebrating their most special day will tell you that weddings can be quite a chaotic affair. There are a hundred different things that need your attention. When you choose the venue first, a big chunk of the planning gets done almost instantaneously.

This is because the venue is the focal point of the entire celebration. It dictates the theme, the guest list, and probably even the dress code for the event. A jazzy ballroom may require the everyone to be doled out in their finest suits; an outdoor barn may lend itself to a more casual, fun gathering.

The How-To

To make things simple and easy for you, here are some helpful tips for selecting a wedding venue that will provide a perfect setting to express the love and commitment two people have for each other:

1. Budget 

Your budget will point you in the right direction. For the more extravagant, a luxurious beachside resort could be an ideal option. For the more conservative, an intimate, cozy reception hall may be the way to go. Do remember that the budget also needs to factor in the various vendors that you will hire, such as decorators, caterers, and maybe a DJ or an emcee.

2. Your Personality

In the day and age of “Instagram weddings,” it is important that your wedding celebration reflects your personality, as well as your partner’s. Choose a venue that you feel most comfortable with, even if it may not be the flavor of the month. Don’t let friends, family, or onlookers dictate where your wedding should be.

3. Geography

Weddings often offer the best reason for family and friends to get together. This may include guests who travel from out of the state or the country. Ideally, you will want to choose a venue that is easy for your guests to get to.

4. Number Of Guests

Another important factor is your guest list. A big gathering may be more suited to an outdoor venue that will afford the necessary space for guests to mix and mingle. A smaller guest list would be ideal for an indoor venue. The number of attending guests can also help decide on the particular theme you wish to have for the wedding.

Final Thoughts

When planning your wedding, try to remember that the venue is often the sun around which everything else orbits. By choosing the perfect venue, you will be ensuring that the rest of your wedding has an excellent foundation to stand on.

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