The excitement of planning a wedding is a common feeling for newly engaged couples. Visions of perfectly decorated cakes, bouquets of flowers, and smiling guests all grace the dreams of the bride-to-be. Once the wedding planning gets underway, however, couples often become overwhelmed. Expenses begin to soar and reservations may not go as planned. Wedding planners provide a solid support system during this time.

Professional Responsibilities

Many couples refrain from hiring a wedding planner due to a misunderstanding of their role. A wedding planner does more than simply organize your to-do list. Wedding planners establish an understanding of your wishes by first hosting a consultation. This meeting allows you to ask questions and explain your budget. Once a wedding planner is hired, they begin the task of seeking out vendors. The goal is to make your dream day a reality. The wedding planner’s check-list covers invitations, food, venues, and much more.

A good wedding planner gathers sufficient information prior to searching for vendors. The planner should also communicate with you often about the progress of each milestone. A variety of options are shown to you for each service you request. For example, a good planner knows which flower shops provide arrangements that meet your needs. Names, prices, and sample pictures are provided by your planner. The planner then completes the contract with the supplier of your choice. These specialists are the liaison between you and the service providers for the entire wedding.

Wedding planners aim to build a relationship with each of their clients. The final production of your wedding is a piece of art they strive to perfect. A good planner remains available to you every step of the way. Newly engaged couples have little experience with the details of planning a wedding. Most people only do this once in their lives. A professional planner deals with the details of weddings on a daily basis. They predict problems, find solutions, and keep everything organized.

Before the Wedding

It is best to hire a wedding planner as early as possible. This ensures that all of the pre-wedding services are also handled. This includes announcements, engagement activities, and invitations. Announcements and invitations can be a daunting experience. There are numerous amounts of companies to choose from. Your wedding planner narrows down the choices for you after learning about your favorite attributes.

A wedding planner is also prepared to handle engagement parties and rehearsal dinners. Couples are sometimes surprised to find how much preparation goes into these pre-wedding events. There are large groups of people to coordinate for both. A professional is familiar with restaurants willing to host these types of events. They also know what menu items are available and most affordable for large quantities of guests.

The proper attire for the wedding also requires ample organization. Once the dresses and suits are chosen, fittings must take place. The wedding planner suggests stores that fit your style and budget. The store works with the planner to schedule fittings for the entire wedding party. Group fittings must fit within the store’s time frame and not interfere with other shoppers. Individual fittings are usually more flexible. Express to your planner the type of fitting schedule desired so the proper arrangements can be made. The responsibilities and events prior to your wedding day are just as important as the main event. Your wedding planner knows how to plan properly to prevent burn-out. Families often arrange too many activities close together, leaving the bride and groom drained. When you find the right wedding planner the enjoyment of preparing for the wedding returns.

The Big Day

When the day of your wedding arrives, many wedding planners are on-site to see that everything runs smoothly. They arrive ahead of you to meet with and help organize caterers, florists, and photographers. This service allows the wedding party ample time to dress and spend time together. Payment arrangements made ahead of time by your planner ensure that finances are not a worry on your big day. Many couples and their families spend a large part of the wedding day attending to guests and keeping the vendors organized. Instead of enjoying the event, they end up working at it. A wedding planner can step in and keep guests moving in the right direction, keep the day on a time schedule, and gather participants for photos. Some services may also include the supervision of vendors after the wedding and reception. With wedding planners on the job, you can enjoy the day without worry.


Planning a wedding commonly becomes a stressful experience. Individuals often find themselves overwhelmed with little guidance on wedding services. After several interviews with vendors and an outstanding number of phone calls, people frequently become overwhelmed. The excitement quickly dissipates as they look over a lengthy to-do list. A wedding planner can step in and take the stress off of the bride and groom. A wedding should be something to look forward to with joy. Extensive planning and organization leave couples too exhausted to enjoy their beautiful wedding. From the first consultation to the end of the wedding day, a planner walks you through. A newly engaged couple should be anticipating their new life together, not feeling anxious over wedding complications. Wedding specialists have a way of removing stress.


Reservations must often be made far ahead at many venues. Churches and banquet halls may only offer wedding services on limited dates and times. You may find yourself calling large numbers of locations before you find one available on the preferred day. A wedding planner has all of this information in one place. The hassle of matching an available venue with your wedding date falls within the responsibilities of your wedding planner. A professional wedding planner can share information on the majority of popular wedding sites in town. They may also be able to suggest a few lesser known ones. Many of these venues are more responsive and flexible when discussing arrangements with a planner instead of an individual.


Most brides have been planning their wedding since they were young girls. There is usually a specific picture in their heads about how everything should look. A wedding planner takes the time to understand these expectations. The planner searches for ways to make the dream come true. One good quality of a wedding planner is creativity. They often come up with new ways to express a theme or a unique place to hold the wedding. An experienced planner uses good ideas from past events to make each wedding better than the last. Sometimes alternative items are suggested to give more choices or a better price range. Wedding planners use pictures you provide, ideas you suggest, and knowledge of services, to create the wedding you imagine.

Saving Money

Planning a wedding on your own is like shopping at an extremely high priced store with no reduced sale options. Vendors are out to make money and prey on your lack of knowledge. Couples often make quick decisions and pay too much money. Fear of losing a specific time slot or valued service causes many young brides to act before researching prices. A wedding planner has inside information on everything. Many wedding specialists have the ability to offer preferred pricing and all-inclusive packages. These deals offer reduced pricing when various wedding services are purchased together. A good planner has business relationships with a variety of venues and suppliers. This aspect, alone, offsets the money paid for planning services.

Various Service Plans

Some wedding planners may offer different service options. You can choose the features you wish to purchase a-la-carte. Some couples prefer to handle the engagement responsibilities or the wedding day without help. Clarify your expectations to the planner at the consultation meeting. There may be a few specific wedding event items that cause stress, while you are comfortable planning the rest. Wedding planners can make a customized service plan. There is sure to be a plan that fits your budget.

The Details

Wedding day plans are comprised of many tiny details that can easily be overlooked. A wedding planner makes sure to cover everything. A common forgotten item is the favor choice. Party favors for guests have become a popular outlet for creativity at modern weddings. Custom made favors must be ordered early to arrive on time. Centerpieces, guest books, and seating arrangements are among the details taken care of. You can expect lengthy guest lists and RSVPs to be handled, as well. Nothing is an afterthought to a wedding planner.

The planning of a wedding can be difficult to navigate on your own. A wedding planner knows how to organize the entire event without leaving couples overwhelmed. They are there to guide you through while still complying with your desires. Everything from the first announcement to the reception can be handled by a wedding planner. There is no reason to become stressed over the cake, flowers, or caterers. A wedding planner can handle it all.

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