Excited to plan your summer wedding? There are many wonderful things about getting married during the summer months but expect to hear warnings about the problems as you begin wedding planning. Heat, the busy season, and limited attire options are just a few of the issues people may bring up. Although summer can create some challenges, don’t let naysayers convince you to change your plans. Here are seven common myths summer brides are likely to encounter.

Heat Ruins Everything

Tales of melting cakes, wilting flowers, and sweating guests pop up around summer weddings. Depending on your location, heat is certainly a real part of summer but it doesn’t have to ruin everything. Find ways to beat the heat during wedding planning. Consider giving guests fans and cold beverages as they enter the reception or provide fans and air conditioning during the event. Choose fondant instead of buttercream for your cake because it holds up better as temperatures rise. If your heart is set on buttercream, then go for dessert first and cut the cake at the beginning of the reception. Ask your florist to recommend flowers that last longer in hot weather.

The Wedding Must be Outdoors

Summer is a great time for outdoor weddings in many areas, but there’s no reason your wedding must be outdoors. Indoor venues are a great option for summer events; they are even preferable in some situations, like if you expect particularly hot weather. Some couples like to have part of the wedding day indoors and part outdoors. Maybe the cocktail hour is outside while the ceremony and reception are inside. Choose the combination that works best for you and your venue. If most or all of your wedding day is indoors, finding a venue with large windows allows you to take advantage of the beauty of the season from the inside setting.

Everything is Casual

Bare feet and khaki pants are great options for summer weddings, and so is more formal attire. You don’t have to keep things casual just because you have a summer date; make the wedding day as formal or relaxed as you like. Formal attire is often warmer, but choosing materials carefully can keep you and your wedding party comfortable. Chiffon and silk are great options for summer attire.

Summer Colors are a Must

Bright and colorful not your style? Choose a color combination that works well for your vision of the day. Mixing lighter and darker shades is a great alternative option for summer weddings. Or try creating a floral look by combining oranges, purples, and yellows. Subdued colors like icy blue and gray can also work well and provide a cool, refreshing feel.

Wedding Venues are Too Busy

The summer months are typically a busy time of year for wedding venues, but other times of year may be equally busy depending on the location. No matter what time of year you’re planning for, it’s best to choose a venue and reserve your date early in the wedding planning process to give yourself the most possible options.

Summer is Hard to Schedule

Some couples worry that summer is a hard time for guests to get away with all the summer activities going on. This is true at times, but summer is also a time when most people have greater flexibility in their schedules, which makes it easier for guests to attend the wedding and participate in additional wedding events.

City Weddings Won’t Work

Although heading to the hills or the beach are appealing choices during the summer, they aren’t the only options. A city wedding also fits the season, particularly if you choose a rooftop or loft venue that provides an outdoorsy feel.

In Conclusion

A summer wedding is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment with¬†family and friends. Make yours as special and unique as you like, and don’t let these summer wedding myths cramp your wedding planning style.

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