Event planning can be a profitable career for entrepreneurial minds who think outside of the box. But it doesn’t take a professional to pull off the right function that will haunt your corporate team giving them a thrill that will keep them talking around the water cooler. In this blog you will learn how to create a murder mystery dinner event that anyone can arrange successfully.

Know Your Audience

Before selecting the theme, know your audience and at all costs avoid choosing a theme that may be offensive. Ask yourself, is this a corporate event or a family and friends event? Will children will be included? Assess these details and plan accordingly. Mystery party kits typically detail how many players are needed to pull off the activity plus the age range for an appropriate crowd.

Theme Is Everything

Choose a theme that will speak to your patrons creating the right ingredients for a perfect party. Taking your audience into consideration and selecting the ideal theme is key to your success.

Choose The Perfect Venue

You know what they say, location, location, location. Consider any challenges your guests may face logistically and make sure the parking is adequate. Evaluate how many people you plan to invite calculating about 20 percent who respond, “Yes” will not show. Naturally, the space will need to accommodate the quantity of people you plan to include. To further narrow the realm on the optimum party venue is the awareness of available resources. Do they offer onsite support during your event like catering, bartending, event coordinators, etc?


Regardless of party-goers contribution toward the cost of your event, tallying your budget will dictate the best return on your investment and understanding what is included in the cost of your venue will support smart decision making. Evaluate the benefit of having an event planner who will partner with you if you have more than 25 guests. Here are a few line items that may come into play when gauging this expenditure:


Include on your invitation specific details like how to dress and if they have a specific role what they need to understand how to prepare for it. Offer recommendations on where to shop for costumes and what the deadline date to RSVP is. Baby Boomers often prefer a hard copy invitation, but for most everyone an electronic invitation will serve well. We prefer an online invitation provided by Eventbrite because it offers a full range of choices on how to communicate with guests. If you plan on collecting a cover charge upfront this electronic option works well and free tickets are also acceptable using this medium.

At Horton Events, our downtown Nashville event venue will bring your vision to life with our premium catering vendors or yours. Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy our covered patio and seats up to 150 guests. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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