More and more women are entering into business ownership, which has created a notable trend for how these leaders negotiate with and for others. There is power in numbers, especially when women engage each other as business advocates and resources. Magnifying others by linking arms, building relationships and raising up a tribe of connectors is a virtue.

Building Relationships

Traditionally, women have been known for having more competitive natures. However, it has become more common to endorse relationships. Impressively, women who support women find more success than ever as they bond. Genuine engagement often results in promoting each other in business creating a winning atmosphere of camaraderie.

Collective Impact

We encourage you to actively create opportunities in a warm setting for special events where leaders can network and collaborate creating collective and lasting impact. Build time into your busy calendar for organized events: a cooking class, book club, vision board event or trade show, just to name a few. Opportunities like these allow business relationships to cross into friendships, which typically are effective for growth. Plan your own event and experience as many events as possible to leverage and market your craft.

Find A Space That Speaks To You

Getting creative often leads to better business ideas, concepts, and collaboration. Find a space that allows the imagination to unleash greatness while giving you time for reflection and planning. At Horton Events, we have designed a breathtaking backdrop that lend to fresh ideas and invigorate attendees with rousing applause. Your vision will come to life in our downtown venue where our floor to ceiling windows inspire and illuminate brilliance. Workshops lasting for 5+ hours are perfect for a coffee and bagel station followed by a seated lunch or buffet. Bring your own caterer or select from one of our premium vendors.

Love your tribe

Self-care includes time to meet up with your sisterhood over coffee. Encourage each other and tap into each others strengths. Do this, and do it often as growth comes more organically while building a sphere of influence with women who have each other’s back professionally and personally. We recommend Tin Cup Coffee, our favorite coffee shop.

Mom’s Who Succeed

Many women in business are momma’s juggling it all with kids still at home. Are you among those who find themselves feeling elated for the return of established routines? There is absolutely no guilt in that and the first order of celebrating back to school comes with the obligatory social media post. Today’s working women are taking front stage with their humorous first day back to school pictures. Some have gone viral with the added tagline:

This type of comic relief is welcomed, balancing out the mix of emotions felt by all women, especially moms who own businesses. We want to see your power-suit-celebratory-back-to-school pictures. (Post yours in the comments below!)

Horton Events supports women owned businesses. Show off your business-brawn at our downtown venue, because women who support women are more successful.

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