Five Spooky Reasons To Host Your Corporate Event In Nashville

September 17, 2023
Halloween has transformed into a major event, no longer just for kids. Some say it’s “Merry to be Scary,” taking over the role of corporate Christmas parties. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Halloween is a billion-dollar industry growing yearly. Give Christmas back to your team and start new holiday traditions before Thanksgiving. Here are five reasons your team will be thrilled to celebrate a “Merry to be Scary” party in October:

1. Unreal Attendance

Hosting an off-season event allows for better flexibility and engagement with colleagues, partners, and prospects. Choose a date that suits everyone and watch your team’s enthusiasm soar. Event venues are eager to book special occasions during open dates.

2. Eerily Reduced Costs

October is ideal for planning and budgeting compared to December festivities. Booking event spaces during off-peak times can reduce costs—don’t overlook weeknights. Budget for decorations and food to avoid a fright, and make the event a fourth-quarter tax write-off. Highlight end-of-year accomplishments during announcements to justify expenses, keeping your tax accountant from howling at the moon.

3. Affordable Spellbinding Themes

Adults love themed parties, and “Merry to be Scary” is a guaranteed hit. Opt for a party-in-a-box or create your own to save money. Include dress code details in invitations for a spooktacular good time.

4. Mystical Food Schemes

A ravishing menu will have your guests screaming for more. Pinterest offers endless themed food ideas perfect for Halloween. Favorites include the Brie mummy with crackers and a self-serve Bloody Mary bar. Don’t skimp on spooky decorations to thrill your guests. Start the hauntings in the parking lot to set the stage for an unforgettable event.

5. Buyer Beware

As a business owner, ROI is crucial for a well-planned event. Your reputation hinges on a successful celebration, relying on an out-of-this-world planning committee. Not all venues meet the high standards you deserve. Finding the perfect venue is key to a great party and can make or break your event. Beware of subpar options!

Located in Downtown Nashville, just two blocks from the Music City Center and The Gulch, Horton Events offers a spacious 3,500-square-foot venue perfect for small—to medium-sized gatherings. Our additional outdoor space provides extra comfort and intimacy. Bring your caterer or use our premium vendors. Call today for a complimentary consultation with our event coordinator, Caleb.

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