Corporate events and fundraising events offer your organization so many ways to create connections, build a vision and explore potential opportunities. From company holiday parties to fundraising, a well-planned event allows your company to bring people together and entertain, educate and empower. Of course, the first thing you need is the right event space—which is where we come in. At Horton Events, you will find a variety of event spaces, meeting spaces and training spaces in the Nashville area. We are excited to help you plan and execute the perfect corporate event in Music City!

Corporate Event Basics—Things to Keep in Mind

Your company is unique, just like your event is going to be. The unique circumstances and goals you have for your event mean that there is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach to pulling off the perfect event. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some basic event planning tips to get off the ground.

1. Get clear on the nuts and bolts—how many guests, dates, etc.

There are some basic facts you need to know before you can plan an event. These include:

  • How many people are coming?
  • Is there a specific date range that the event needs to occur during?
  • Are you supposed to accomplish a specific goal through the event?

The fact is some event spaces are bigger than others. Some are closer to home than others. Some have different capabilities that may play into how you conduct the event. Once you know how many guests you are hosting and how much seating you need, it makes it much easier to narrow down your choices.

2. Reserve your space as early as possible.

A lot of corporate events are planned months and sometimes years in advance. Failing to plan ahead could mean missing out on the meeting spaces or the dates that you want and need. Even with long-term planning, you can encounter some hurdles, but waiting until the last minute is likely to cause more frustration.

3. Check your industry calendar.

A date or location may seem perfect initially, but it is important to look more closely at what is going on during that time period to be sure you have it right. There could be an industry event going on at a nearby venue that you need to plan around. Or, there could be some sort of another major event that would make your event more difficult to pull off, like a major sporting event.

4. Let everyone know when the date is set.

Modern technology makes sharing event dates a cinch, so take advantage of it. You can easily send invites out to your entire guest list with a click of a button. Try to aim for notifying guests at least two months in advance. Then, set up reminders to be sent out six weeks and four weeks before the event.

Fundraising Event Basics

Putting on a fundraiser has a lot in common with other types of corporate events, but there are a few extra things you need to keep in mind as a host. These include:

1. Make sure your cause is clear.

The way you promote your fundraiser will depend on what your cause is. The more clearly defined the cause, the easier it is to create a marketing plan.

2. Set a goal for how much you want to fundraise.

Guests of fundraisers expect to help with a cause. But the better you communicate the amount you want to raise, the easier it will be for those guests to help you generate that amount. Just seeing the numbers get closer to the final goal can be enough to draw in more donations.

3. Make a budget.

The good feelings that come with setting up a fundraiser can cloud decision-making when it comes to how much you spend on the event. Write down every expense you are anticipating, and leave room for the unexpected. The more control you exercise over the budget the more likely you are to finish the fundraiser closer to your goal.

4. Plan to follow up before putting on the event.

Your fundraiser is designed to get donations at the event, but it’s also designed to plant the seed for future donations. Following up after the event is how you get those donations. It is actually better to plan out your follow up strategy before you put on the event—that way you can ensure that follow-ups do happen.

Horton Events—For Your Corporate Event and Fundraiser

As some of Nashville’s favorite event planners, we are ready to help with all your event planning needs. Please contact us today to discuss your next event and to reserve venues for all your future events.

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