Football is the first sign of fall and quickly the weather seems to get cooler causing the leaves to turn vibrant shades of magenta, maroon, and maize while right on cue dreamy delicious delicacies like fresh warm cinnamon-donuts and hot apple cider tantalize taste buds. Expectedly, craft and trade-shows pop-up where businesses exhibit their merchandising prowess in an effort to augment sales. In this blog you will learn business strategies that will help market, plan, promote and exhibit like a pro – ultimately setting up a fiscal year of success.

Start With A Budget

A smart business plan for trade show organizers include a strategic plan and calculated budget. Follow your financial blue-print to stay on task for business success.

Sample of Expenses:

Sample of Income:

  • Sponsors
  • Vendor Sales
  • Early Bird Ticket Sales – using Eventbrite
  • At The Door Ticket Sales
  • Merchandise Sales

Find A Venue

The most desirable event venues include easy access to highways, hotels, and excellent parking. Our pro tip: avoid booking a venue during an SEC football game, which may results in low attendance. Plan well in advance for the best date options. Arrange the same event year after year to build a tradition clients will learn to expect.


Exhibiting niche businesses lend well to creating impactful themes for your trade-show event. Hire a marketing guru who will develop impactful marketing promotionals. Give participants and sponsors easy-to-share advertisements for their social network and include a call to action among their constituents. A carrot that entices ticket buyers to take immediate steps toward purchasing their door-pass is the secret to your success. Use keywords to activate a quick response, such as: early bird, limited ticket sales, buy now, premium tickets at the door, etc.

Partner Industries – Themes

Depending on the size of the event venue, consider the following featured presenters and exhibitors:

  • Aerospace, Aviation, & Transportation
  • Arts & Recreation
  • Baby & Maternity Expo
  • Business Services
  • Exotic Pet Expo
  • Food & Beverage
  • Gaming & Entertaining
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hospitality & Hotel Industry
  • Hunting & Fishing Expo
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Travel, Tourism, & Leisure
  • Writers & Publishers Conference

Food Trucks

Awesome trade events typically provide light, healthy snacks and drinks at a minimum to visitors. Save money by inviting local food trucks to your event – allow them to be a featured vendor. Let’s face it, restaurants on wheels are one of the hottest trends to date and they need new customers as well.


Using a CRM tool keeps warm connections warm – the goal is for continued sales through relationship building. Event planners find much success year after year building their audience using a CRM. Naturally, we believe that there is fruit in the follow-up.

Follow Up

Visitors love to share their opinions – ask for it. We recommend surveymonkey, a free resource to glean comments from trade-show partners and their clients. Leverage this information to gain momentum and build a stronger event from year to year.

At Horton Events, we believe in your business success. Call us today for a personal tour and book your business conference.

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