6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

May 30, 2024
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Your choice of venue for your wedding and reception sets the tone for the entire day. This is one of the most special days of your life, and you want to remember it forever. Your venue will affect how much you and your guests enjoy the event. Considering the following factors will help you and your wedding planner select the ideal venue for your big day.

Religious or Civil Ceremony

You and your fiancé may choose a religious venue when planning your wedding. If you regularly attend a church, mosque, or temple, you might want your wedding to take place among your congregation. Even if you don’t regularly attend, many couples prefer a religious setting for their vows. This makes choosing the ceremony venue easier, but you’ll still need to decide where to hold the reception.

If you prefer a civil ceremony, you have more options. You can get married in a house, garden, beach, or public park. You could even marry at the reception venue or while skydiving from a plane. Be aware of potential fees for certain locations, which could impact your budget.

Consider the number of guests attending the ceremony to ensure the venue has adequate seating. If you choose a public place like a beach or park, you may need to hire seating. An event planner can help manage these details with minimal stress.

Outdoor or Indoor Ceremony and Reception

Depending on the season, you may prefer an outdoor ceremony or reception. Spring and Summer are ideal for outdoor weddings, but consider the weather’s impact. Have contingency plans for rain or wind, and consider the heat if marrying in mid-summer.

An indoor venue eliminates weather concerns. Look for venues with pretty gardens or photo-friendly areas nearby. Ensure there is ample parking close to the ceremony location.


Budget is a crucial consideration when choosing your wedding and reception venue. Some venues are more expensive than others, so determine your budget before exploring options.

Your reception budget should include catering costs. Some venues require in-house catering, limiting your negotiating power. For smaller budgets, consider less expensive venues like a family garden, which can be as romantic as a five-star hotel.

Compare what each venue offers in their package. Some include extras like overnight accommodation for the bride and groom, limousine hire, and entertainment. These all-inclusive options might be more cost-effective than a cheaper venue with many add-ons.

Personal Style

Your wedding day should reflect your personal style and preferences. If you love history, consider a medieval-themed wedding with appropriate attire and a feast. If you love the ocean, a cruise boat could be your perfect reception venue.

Even in a traditional venue, you can personalize the event with your choice of menu, entertainment, and decorations.


Your wedding feast is a highlight for you and your guests. Catering options range from traditional multi-course meals to buffets and finger foods. Your budget and the desired formality of your event will guide your catering choices.


A wedding reception typically lasts several hours, so consider entertainment options. Some venues include entertainment like dancers. If your venue doesn’t, you might hire a band, DJ, or specialist dancers like Latin Salsa performers to enliven the party.


Choosing your wedding ceremony and/or reception venue is not always an easy decision, but our wedding planners can help take off some of the pressure. Horton Events can help you to choose the perfect venue for your wedding that you, your fiancé, and your guests will remember forever. Contact us to schedule a time to tour our venue.