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Event Planner Task Sheet

Horton Events Event Planner Task ListTo make your planning a little easier, we made an event planning task sheet for events at our venue.  This is an optional assist for your event planning.


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Partner Hotel

Are your attendees coming from out of town?  Do you need somewhere for them to stay that is nearby & easy to find?  Would it help if the hotel was also right downtown Nashville?  Our partner hotel, Hyatt House, is on an adjacent block and would love to help streamline your stay.  Reach out to them, mentioning Horton Events, to complete your Nashville stay experience & keeping it all within walkable distance, with the downtown center right around the corner.

Contact information for Horton Events Referral Partner, Hyatt House

Contact: Stephanie Brauchle [email protected] | 615.933.0103

Venue Layouts

First things first, here are a few documents & prospective layouts that work well at Horton Events

Horton Events Layout w/ Dimensions

Horton Events Clean Layout

Horton Events Layout 200 Theater SeatingHorton Events Layout 150 Person Seated

The interior Showroom has an industrial ceiling that is 11’T at it’s lowest point.

Load in / out

Horton Events is a single-floor venue.  There are no stairs anywhere & the whole venue is ADA accessible.  Load-in happens through the front doors that open into the Covered Patio.  Cars are able to drive under the overhang for a shorter carrying distance.  Any vehicle a box truck-size or larger is NOT ALLOWED under the overhang.  All large vehicles will need to back up to the gate entrance & no further before stopping to unload or load.  Any damage from large vehicles to the overhang ceiling will be charged to the planner, vendor, or relevant insurance policy.

Event Parking

Parking map showing the different options

Complimentary Spaces

Complimentary parking spots are outlined in light blue and are adjacent to the venue.  The service drive to the right of the building is typically reserved for event vendors (security, caterer, etc.).  One spot will always need to be reserved for our day-of on-site venue manager in this section.  Typically, they’ll park first and can be boxed in for the duration of the event.  Security will also need a space there.

If there are food trucks as part of your event, they’ll typically park in the left light blue section, adjacent to the marquee sign.  Otherwise, the event planner, vendors or VIPs are welcome to park in those spots.  There are 11 spots + a gated access to the Peabody St parking lot that can function as a 12th parking spot.

Paid Spaces

The orange designated areas are paid parking.  Anyone parking in these spaces will need to either pay for their parking through the meters (scannable QR codes on signage around the area), or through a pre-paid parking arrangement through Horton Events.

  • Pay through meters – $10 for first hour
  • Pre-paid – $10 for a 10-hr stay. Horton Events can distribute QR code for parkers to scan & take advantage of the preferential pre-paid pricing.  They will scan this QR code & NOT scan the parking meter signs
  • Don’t pay – The parking company is active and will check the parking lot multiple times a day, especially on busy weekdays / seasons. Parking tickets can be as high as $80, and they have been known to leave multiple tickets in a day on cars that haven’t moved since their last pass.

Party Barges

The landlord has an arrangement with some party barges to load in / out in the Lafayette parking lot.  They regularly pick up passengers and drop them off in that lot.  It is not uncommon on the busy days (Fridays & Saturdays) for there to be ~4 school bus sized vehicles pulled in awaiting their passengers.  They often, but not always, have a parking attendant to ensure that their busses are able navigate the parking lot.  Event parking will need to take this into consideration.

Trash & Dumpster

It’s ugly.  We know.  The trash has to go.  At the end of the evening, it is the responsibility of the event planner (& by extension, the caterer) to empty all the trash cans at the end of the evening.  The dumpster is located in the parking lot behind the building (see graphic below).  There are two routes to get there, shown.  If you would like to go through the gate, ask the venue manager on-site at your event to unlock it for you.  Unless requested, expect the gate to be locked.

Horton Events Dumpster Location

In-house Inventory Suite

Included in the rental of the venue are access to our inventory suite of tables, chairs, etc.  Using our inventory suite comes with a setup fee of $150 for one of our team members to put out all of our items to the configuration of the event planner’s choice.

Horton Events Inventory Suite:

— Fruitwood Folding Chairs – qty 148
— 9′ Rectangular Farm Tables – qty 3
— *5′ Round Ballroom Tables – qty 13
— *8′ Round Ballroom Tables – qty 2
— Highboy Tables – qty 4
— **Marble-top Cafe Tables – qty 4
— LED Up Lights – qty 8
— Turnkey Sound System (inside) – qty 1
— Mobile Bar – qty 1
— Pipe & Drape, assorted – 48′

*Round tables are best used with linens.  Horton Events does not provide linens.  We can provide a linen rental vendor referral upon request.
**White Marble-top Cafe Tables MUST be used indoors.

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